Worldwide official distributor network

Ikusi incorporates a network of official distributors throughout the world specializing in remote controls with extensive knowledge of the sector into its value chain proposal.



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We establish long-term relationships

  • Shared know-how

  • Customizing and service tools

  • Local support

  • Reduced delivery timelines

Our distributors, our partners

Luc Claes - Indic Director
Luc Claes
Indic Director
In the future, Service will be an even more important issue than it is today. Service is not only after-sales service, but also pre-sales: response time should be immediate. This makes the partnership between manufacturer and distributor essential.
Lee Won Hee
Lee Won Hee
Manager, TU Company
We have been working in the field of remote controls for 13 years and we chose to form part of the Ikusi network because of its service quality and active involvement. Korea is a market with important concrete pump manufacturers where the large majority of vehicles are remote-controlled. We therefore believe that our market will contribute value to Ikusi's business.