Developing products from the ergonomic point of view

Developing products from the ergonomic point of view

Friday, 16 March 2018

Ikusi has been collaborating for years with the Biomechanic Institute of Valencia, a well-known technology center that combines biomechanics, ergonomic or emotional engineering knowledge and uses them in a wide range of environments to improve the business activities throughout the well-being of people. 

During the last decade, the presence of ergonomic aspects has become increasingly necessary in the new products design, as the object quality must be adapted to its objectives and way of use. This means that, potential object-user relationships must be taken into account when designing the product. Remote Controls are a clear human-machine interface example, so ergonomics is one of Ikusi´s strategic technology line today.


The collaboration between IBV and IKUSI establishes a great challenge in terms of developing new products. People and users are the source and the paramount of the design-process: it is necessary to know their experience, proposals and suggestions.

This process is based on a three-phase methodology: analysis, conceptualization and development.

The result of this innovative methodology, are more ergonomic and comfortable products with an improved user experience.