Ikusi Remote Control makes its way into the Finnish market

Ikusi Remote Control makes its way into the Finnish market

Friday, 30 October 2015

Remote Control Unit has recently reached an agreement with the Finnish company, Exertus Oy, which from now on has agreed to distribute Ikusi remote controls. This agreement is the launching point of a strategy for opening up the market in Scandinavian countries.

Exertus Oy is not a standard distributor. It is a company that specialises in the mobile segment and is also a manufacturer and specialist in certain electronic control components such as PLC, HMI and sensors. This activity linked to machine control made Exertus Oy aware of the need to offer remote controls that can generally control the machines of customers who require it.

On the other hand, Ikusi had always been interested in entering into an agreement with a partner like Exertus Oy because it felt the need to learn about the approaches taken by companies that operate in the field of electronic machine control. This new business relationship will enable Ikusi to gain further knowledge of electronic machine control and the requirements of the field.